Sunday, February 18, 2007

Agile Development Through Speech Recognition

The first few installs of Windows Vista have started to show up at the office. First it was Alex, and then, on a lark, Dave thought he might give it a try.

You can take all the 'glass' and 'rediboost' - I'll have the speech recognition. Speech wins the funn(i)est feature competition hands down - but what I didn't fully grasp at first was the sheer amount of efficiency we could wring out of Vista speech recognition.

As a consumer Internet startup on the venture clock, we care a lot about how to iterate faster and test more - basically, we can never have enough of either.

And now, thanks to a great find from Paul Kedrosky, I have really cracked it!
Here's what we should do (convenient video tutorial):


Anonymous said...

Microsoft is "smart"
~Matt~ (not Mathew Anderson)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha that's exactly what it did to me as well :) very amusing.