Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Friends

I am lucky enough to have a group of about 10 best friends - all of whom I have known well for a long, long time. Since High School, Middle School, Elementary School, Pre School.
As it turned out, when we graduated from High School, nearly all of us found ourselves in college far from Seattle on the East Coast.
That first year, we had Thanksgiving dinner together, and have kept up the tradition ever since.

Like many people in their twenties, my friends and I have moved around quite a bit from year to year. Each Fall, we begin to look for that year's Thanksgiving locus, or center of gravity - the place where we can feasibly get the most people. New York, Boston, Connecticut, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle.
I look forward to Thanksgiving more than any other time of year.

And what I really mean is that I appreciate our friendship more than words can say.
Here is one photo from 2006 in Seattle including a few of my nearest and dearest.

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Savan said...

Those look like some good chaps :-D