Thursday, April 5, 2007

Couponlooker - Coupon Meta Search

As usual, Dave thought the deepest and wrote the most about Couponlooker

We just released a cool new site called Couponlooker that searches all of the top coupon sites and returns results clearly and conveniently. I love how the value prop is so simple and communicable:


Ted said...

Thanks for the link to Coupon Linker. I played with it and had a few questions:
- some searches I do with your blog widget cause the result window to be blank. Am I doing something wrong?
- Are you going to meta search Judy's Book Deals? For example, Activa Sports on has the following deal Judy's Book Deals: $10 off a $100 order ( The only deal on Linker is for free shipping.

Yan said...

From my tests blank screen means no results found. They sure could have handled this more graciously.