Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mathew Johnson - Environmentalist

One thing I am is an environmentalist:

I graduated from Brown in 2002 in economics with some substantial work in both environmental and Middle Eastern studies. While at Brown, I studied abroad in Cairo where I studied Arabic, and interned at PERC, an environmental think tank in Montana. I didn’t know beforehand that PERC is much too conservative for my politics, but all the same they have some smart people and some good ideas.

After I graduated, I studied marine biology for a semester in Southern California before starting work with a PERC alum who had recently set up his own water rights and resources consulting firm in Wyoming – Westwater Research. At Westwater I did some interesting work, which included writing a monthly stock market column for Global Water Intelligence and meeting some interesting folks at Aqua International Partners – William K. Reilly’s water focused OPIC fund.

After a year in Wyoming, I moved home to Seattle to work as an analyst at Light Green Advisors, a sustainable asset manager. I was at Light Green for almost a year before getting swept up into Seattle’s venture-backed technology community where I have been working in business development and marketing for the last 2 years and change, first at a company called Judy’s Book, and more recently at an exciting new company called blist.

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