Monday, October 8, 2007

VMware & Yacht Racing

Diane Greene of VMware from the Merc via the Seattle Times: "I think sailboat racing taught me a lot," Greene said. Racing and running a company, she explained, require preparation, organization and "the right team." It requires a keen awareness of shifting conditions and the ability to weigh all the factors, including rivals: "What are the other boats doing?"

Clearly, that (currently) $25.8B market cap will work out for me, too, because I sail :)

Interestingly, if you spend anytime sailing, you notice that, on average the sport attracts the CEO type like your Larry Ellisons, and not the professional, lawyer type - obviously a lot of it is that sailing can take up a lot of time, so running any kind of campaign pretty much requires that you set your own schedule and own something so you don't have to bill by the hour (explicitly or implicitly).

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