Saturday, March 24, 2007

MSNNext - Big Idea For Zyb

MSNNext is built on top of MSN Messenger and allows you chat with buddies of buddies - social networking inside IM. It's only in Chinese at the moment - and I think it's awesome.

Martin Schaedel clued me in to MSNNext - Martin's former firm, LundKenner works with Tommy Ahlers's Zyb - which provides, at least, this: "an easy way to backup your mobile while allowing you to share and manage important data"

My great idea for Zyb is to use the contact list on your mobile like MSNNext uses your IM buddy list - and let you leave notes or messages for contacts of your contacts.

Rich Tong, one of our investors at Judy's Book, spends a lot of time on China through Qiming Ventures - and Rich, if I'm not way behind you already, you should check out MSNNext and its creator 5sai.

Extra credit for identifying this guy:

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