Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Google Insider Stock Sales

I know it's all very reasonable and prudent for Google officers and directors to sell down their holdings and diversify - but the rate at which they are selling definitely stood out to me: if I am reading this table from Yahoo Finance correctly, they have liquidated fully 35% in the last 6 months:

Alex cleverly points out in the comments that 3M shares is many fewer than it seems either Larry or Sergey hold individually. Are Yahoo and Thomson really such poor sources of financial information - and if so, how much money changes hands everyday based on this information? My best guess is that the remainder of insider holdings are in the form of as yet unexercised options or that the supervoting shares are excluded from this accounting.


Alex Hopmann said...

If I do the math correctly something is wrong with the #s you are using. 3M shares is only about $1.5B and I'm pretty sure Larry, Sergey and Eric each own more than that on their own.

Mathew Johnson said...

that's a good point, alex - i guess i am curious about this yahoo finance table - or maybe l&s have already dumped all the rest of their stock haha!