Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NDAs: US vs. Europe

I have been getting NDA'ed by a lot of people lately, which has a) allowed me to learn about a lot of cool stuff, and b) is a little tiresome. Well, no doubt the day will come when I don't sign NDAs.

So far in my experience, European NDAs need not always be quite as 'legal' as US NDAs, and can even (gasp!) be drawn up by non-lawyers. This is because it is far less common Europe for misunderstandings to end up with lawyers picking through the agreements clause-by-clause than in the US.

Dave noted that, in his experience, other types of European contracts can be more verbose than their US counterparts, so my observation just applies to NDAs.

While on the topic of legals, I wanted to include a link from Josh Kopelman pointing to the NVCA 'open source' venture financing documents - great resource.

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