Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ad Of The Day: The Forgotten Commodity

This ad from my Yahoo Mail was confusing enough that I clicked on it. Confusion is an underappreciated advertising strategy, I don't like to be confused, so I clicked through to un-confuse myself. Was the ad trying to say that 'options' were a commodity? I wouldn't put that past an online trading ad. As an aside, I am not sure this ad text would pass Google's quality guidelines . . .

Here is the landing page:

It's extremely long and wordy, isn't it? This page definitely doesn't fit with traditional thinking on landing page conversion - but snake oil can be a hard sell, so maybe this in-depth 'education' leads to better conversion in this case.


Joey said...

This ad has, in fact, passed Google's ad guidelines. I just clicked over from my gmail ads and found your site by searching for the "Forgotten Commodity". Any clue what it is? I don't think it's worth giving these people my address to satisfy my curiosity, but my curiosity persists nevertheless.

Dave Mannion said...

I've been doing the same!! The best I could work out from the searches was it was sugar or wheat!! Apart from that we'll probably need some insider info,