Saturday, May 3, 2008

Used To Not Much

I took the redeye from Seattle to New York last night. I don’t sleep very well on planes and there was a time when this same weekend whirlwind trip came as a shock to the system; I’d show up exhausted at 8am in the city and crash until about 11am before getting up and organized. These days, I am so supremely accustomed to poor sleeping and just generally being ragged that I hardly bat an eye. And no, I’m not sleeping any better on the plane - I just caffeinate and rally. There’s likely an end-of-rope to be reached in this progression, but I haven’t gotten there yet!

Later today I believe I’m going to a Kentucky Derby party, and tonight I’ve invited a bunch of different friends who I know from different stages & places in my life to a birthday party for a friend of a friend whom I don’t know myself - it’s looking like a great success.

If you know me and are around the Lower East Side this weekend - you’ll probably just run into me on the street by complete chance - because that’s the way it always ends up working out.

This stream of consciousness post is courtesy of being offline and misinformed about the availability of unsecured 802.11 networks in and around the vicinity of the Whole Foods on Bowery & Houston, oh wait, there’s one!

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