Friday, June 6, 2008

ReadWriteWeb - Iceberg - Repost

Iceberg, an app builder, got some nice coverage in RWW yesterday - I wrote a comment that's worth a repost:

Iceberg is a good product in a hard space - app builders are trying to get traction with an audience who don't think about investing time upfront to 'create an application' but rather want to start solving their data organization problem right away. It's hard to cross this chasm and make it easy enough to appeal to this audience, but flexible enough to create compelling apps or appeal to more technical users. There's a continuum of different product categories aimed at 'making it easier to program' - from frameworks like Rails to intermediate products like Thermo or Popfly to end-user products like Iceberg - some categories won't be able to escape the 'not flexible enough for technical people, and not easy enough for non-technical people' trap.


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