Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SecondSpace Just Did It Right

I just read Brier Dudley on SecondSpace coming out of stealth mode – with a year’s worth of revenue. That’s definitely the way to do it. What a better PR item than “XYZco comes out of stealth mode with zero users or revenue but is hoping to get some now”.

Nice to have the ‘Guess we are right, because we are making money’ angle. If you do things like frequently check the portfolio section of VC websites, you will know that SecondSpace took a round over a year ago from Ignition, etc. but have just launched now.

Most striking to me about SecondSpace is the ‘separate vertical sites from day 1’ strategy because even within their overall segment, they have avoided the unified-field-theory of Internet business planning.

A launch story like this should be on anyone’s list of goals, I know it’s on mine. Fortunately, Brad Feld has a nice post on AskTheVC on the basics of launch marketing. Very helpful. . .

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Rahul said...

Great post Matt. I'm normally not a believer in stealth mode, but these guys have kicked ass. It's also cool to see innovation in what is supposedly a segment that's been played out.

How's your timeshare acquisition coming? Or are you on the sell side?