Thursday, February 15, 2007

Startup Job Titles

Judy's Book is small enough that I have thankfully been able to get away without really having much of a job title - people definitely call me names from time to time, but that's another story.

Once you have a job title, it is pretty easy to say "not my job" - of course this assumes that everyone is reasonably responsible and communicative.

Speaking of funny job titles - Over the last couple of years I have had this growing suspicion that a high percentage of LinkedIn members describe themselves as "Visionaries" - Dave Naffziger just posted a Google search I did to finally settle things - And I'm right!

Also, today in 'funny job title' news, Microsoft hired Michael Gartenberg as 'Enthusiast Evangelist' - while that is certainly a mouthful, it still doesn't uunseat my favorite, from a dust-jacket author bio: Independent Commentator

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