Monday, October 1, 2007

blist demo today

We did a blist demo today in our offices and I am not trying to sound smug, but the audience was really impressed. This is getting to be a trend for us - we get a lot of 'wow's - Basically, in the current climate of low cost web app development, most new companies are trading off a lot of quality and value-add for rapid development of the 'I cloned Youtube in a weekend' variety. Not at blist, sure we work rapidly, but we are doing a lot of heavy-lifting that translates into superior value to the user - if we put a lot of work into a particular area, then, as a user, you won't have to.

Our beta list is really filling up quickly, so if you haven't thrown your email in at yet, I strongly encourage you to do so - we won't be able to let everyone in right away. There must be some strong word of mouth going around because we haven't had any press coverage to speak of - and there is a ton of interest building already.

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