Monday, July 2, 2007

Down2night - The Party, After You Left

I got this mini-pitch email from


We recently launched wanted to know what you thought. Here is a link to our blog:

Best regards,"

I like it, it's short, to the point, and not falsely personalized.
As a humorous aside, the subject line for this email was: "follow up Down2Night re-launch" - but for some reason, when I searched my email, I had never received a first email - oh, subject lines!
Here is what I think about down2night:

There is a lot of enthusiasm around this particular local niche.
1. The me-value that is going to draw in new users is going to be voyeuristic party pics and videos
2. Then a user may or may not find a new place/event to attend.
3. Then a user might upload their own party pics and videos.
4. Then a user might want to message that hot girl that he saw at the party, but didn't have the guts to approach, sort of like a 'missed connections' personal section.
I think they might be a good candidate for a big, site-wide branding from a liquor company, I hear there's a lot of money in liquor marketing.

I would further recommend that down2night takes a good look at this Roz Chast cartoon, it's brilliant and funny!

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