Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton, Kickboxing, Landing Pages, Conversion Funnels

Growing up I used to covet Benny "The Jet" Urquidez's kickboxing training videos that I saw advertised in the pages of Black Belt magazine. These days Benny has a website, and low-tech as it is, Benny gets landing pages. His website is primarily a vehicle to sell videos and so he gives you some convenient links upfront in an intro page before you have a chance to be distracted by the rest of the content.

Hillary Clinton also gets landing pages - her website is primarily a vehicle for signing up supporters/donors - and she uses a focused intro page in the same way that Benny does, although Hillary uses a cookie so returning visitors bypass the intro page.

By contrast, Barack Obama's website does not use a focused intro page, rather he pulls the signup form to the top right of the page - which does give emphasis, but allows for the rest of his content to distract the eye.

By contrast, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace - another Black Belt staple with a website, forces visitors to click through to, and around in, his store, introducing many more steps into the conversion to sale funnel.

Paraphrasing The Shadow: Who knows what lurks in the mind of Matt :)

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