Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Current Favorite Speaker Bio - Web.Start

Nikola Denić (Serbia)

Nikola is the CEO of the Haragei company. He possesses a unique mix of managerial and engineering skills, which allows him to equally dominate as a negotiator and manager, as well as an expert in a wide spectrum of Web technologies. Among the professionals, Nikola is known as someone who solves impossible problems. He works mostly from clients from the USA and Europe, although he has based his future business on creating own products. He is a great admirer of the Japanese approach to living and oriental martial arts. He is a former national champion of Serbia in judo.

He often points that for a certain type of products there is a nice possibility to choose the thechnology and all the beauty that it carries. The buzz will come and go, but this fact remains.

(from Web.Start)

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