Monday, May 7, 2007

Startup Objectivity And Relativism

Much of the time, objectivity and relativism are counterpoints and no question, for a startup to succeed, you have to get things objectively right - there are no legacy revenue streams to make up for half-ass-ed-ness.

But in more detail, it's about getting it objectively right as a team, and team success is all relative. So if you are frustrated with me and I am frustrated with you, there's no winning until we patch it up and get collaborating on being right together - I can't be right until I'm right in your opinion, and the opinions everyone else on the team, too.

Dave has been thinking and writing good stuff about teamwork and team players, etc. recently.

As an aside, I was also reminded today that the useful tool that is the back-channel can sneak up and bite you in the back-side.

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