Wednesday, September 26, 2007

RealSelf Gets Some Coverage

John Cook mentioned new Seattle startup RealSelf in his 'Baby Bartons' post today.

RealSelf is in a great place at a great time - right in the wheelhouse of the current craze for women's content, social networking, shopping, and advertising - like Sugar and Glam - combined with the sky-high margins of anti-aging and wellness products. Plus, my friend Eric works there, and is brilliant.

As an aside, I continue to be surprised that John Cook hasn't picked up blist yet :)

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Unknown said...

thanks for the mention. We are definitely flying low on the radar, but I suppose this Baby Barton declaration blows some of our cover.

I want to point out that, unlike glam and sugar, our attention is on the personal care and beauty stories told by consumers.

We find that our audience responds to authenticity and to realistic perspective. Celebrity-soaked gossip is a bit incongruent to a person's research of a $3,000 skin care treatment or a $300/ounce eye cream.

Thanks again for the post.

--Tom, founder, RealSelf