Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Everything's An Execution Play

I pride myself on being someone who has a lot of ideas.

As I gain more and more experience in the startup world I have begun to realize that everything is an execution play - and that the right team can build a successful business from any reasonable idea. After all, the bottled water industry is huge - so why couldn't you sell ice to Nunavut?

Ideas start to seem cheap and, occasionally, this gets me down. I worry that I don't have as many good ideas as I used to, because they don't seem so important.

I am going to make a renewed effort to think up new ideas and jot them down.

So to round up, the idea part isn't that hard, and I am really starting to learn how to execute well at Judy's Book, what's missing is the bridge between. I need to get good at sparking a good idea into something slightly larger, involving a couple more people, to then be 'executed' - and I don't mean taken out and shot, either.

After that, as Alex Hopmann says, Step 3: Profit!

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Rahul said...


You're right about execution, but ideas are really important too and not everybody has them. You're lucky that they are easy for you.